Additional Plans 

The site parameters pretty much dictate what the appropriate type of septic system would be required.  But, just like buying a new car, you could have “options” added to the design which would help increase the longevity of the drainfield, make maintenance much easier, and create a “worry free” septic system for as long as you own the home.  It’s the little extra now which could make a big difference later! 


The Basic plan set meets the minimum state and local requirements and will get you a construction permit from the local Health Department.  It’s what everyone in my industry does.  Much like buying the base model of a new car, it will get you down the road.  The Basic plan includes a soil/site evaluation, a digital and paper copy of the plan set (I can fill out and submit the Health Departments applicant and your plan set for the installation permit.  The local Health Department will call you for their permit fees), Operation and Maintenance Manual, and any consultation with you or your installer to get a good installation.  An example, and our fees for a Basic plan set, can be found on our main page.  

The following plans are in addition to the Basic plan set.  This additional cost would be added to your design invoice so there’s nothing to pay in the future.  If you are an installer or home builder/developer and are not the final home owner, I will make contact with the new home owner to set up the time/date for the Gold and Platinum site inspections.



  •  Increase tank sizing, high level alarm in septic tank filter, “drop in” aerator in the septic tank, drainfield recovery options, etc.  These features will add cost to the installation but make your system “bullet proof” in the long run.  They are above and beyond minimum state code requirements.  However, if you don’t want some or any of these system enhancements, I won’t specify them in the design.  You’re in control.
  • Fill  out and submit application and design package to the local health department.
  • Final inspection prior to backfilling.
  • Asbuilt drawing and report to the local health department.




Everything in the Silver package, plus:

  • Educational site visit with the home owner.
  • One year (after installation) system inspection and written report to the home owner.  Generally, if there’s a problem with the installed system, it will show up the first year and the better installers will warranty their work for at least a year.  Better to catch a small problem early rather than fix a larger problem later!
  • Complete system inspection includes:
    •  Evaluate the drainfield for cover depth, abnormal settling, location of at grade inspection ports, wet soil indicating surfacing effluent, appropriate vegetation/landscaping, etc.
    • Evaluate the septic tank (and pump chamber/ATU if necessary) for signs of leaks, settling, baffles, excessive sludge and scum accumulations, lid condition, etc.
    • For pump systems: timer settings review to include a timed drawdown, equal flow in the laterals, alarm operation and float height settings, record control panel events (high level alarm counts, pump run times, etc).




Everything in the Gold package, plus:

  • 2nd year (after installation) system inspection and written report to the home owner.
  •  Call for septic tank pumping, if needed.