As the old adage says “The devil is in the details,” I’ve included this page for installation instructions and information not typically found in our plan sets.  Any experienced installer can easily install a septic system from our submitted design package; however, a homeowner installing their first septic system may need a bit more information to have a successful installation.  I check and update these links every winter to be sure I give you the latest product info.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Blackstone Septic Design!



The wheel has already been invented.  I wish I had the time and talent to write all this up but the folks below did a fine job!  Plus I added some local health onsite septic system links where you can find licensed installers, permit applications, and agency fees.

Thurston County.  Maintenance videos and other info on the various types of septic system technology in Washington State.

Eco-Nomic.  I don’t like to point folks to a competitor (especially a local one!) but John Glassco has some good info on his website and it’s all up to date.  Luckily he doesn’t get up here too often! 

Washington On-Site Sewage Association (WOSSA).  Our industry trade association. 

Chelan-Douglas Health District.  List of local installers and Operation and Maintenance Specialists can be found here.

Okanogan County Public Health.  They have a nice construction manual.

Grant CountyHealth District.  List of local installers.

Tower Designs  If you can’t use us, then I highly recommend this design firm out of the Leavenworth area.